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Branding Services

Pick and choose how we can help bring your brand to life!

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Find where to start...

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You want the professional design work of an agency without the high prices and the labyrinth communication of it all.


You are looking to bring life into your brand, from start to finish on a committed timeline and transparency.


You wish to rejuvenate your brand’s look, whether it’s in the tiniest of details or from all the heads to all the toes.


You feel like you’re spending too much time managing all your design needs and could use a hand in getting things done efficiently.

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Or select from our menu of services.

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Brand Beginnings

6+ hours of calls + Behind the Scenes Magic

Free Consultation

Let’s get this started! We’ll chat over the phone or on a video call to start the conversation and see how we match. We’ll ask a series of pointed questions that will help us to determine your business’s current goals and we’ll define what successful branding looks like to you. Let’s look forward to beginning a fantastic relationship!

Mind Map

We’ll be kids in a candy shop and draw together inspiration from your favorite brands to kick things off! This will help us to settle on what direction the rest of your visual language will be in, so we’ll pick the best from your favorites. We’ll look at their strategy, campaigns, brand language, content, and much more!

Target Audience

Our first steps will be the most defining steps. Let’s take a deep dive into your target audience and niche to narrow it down to specific markets. We’ll finish it off with customer personas and clear indication of who’s who.

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Picking Things Up

3+ hours of calls + Behind the Scenes Magic

Competitive Advantage

Let’s stake out your competition and see what we’re up against. We’ll collaborate to create a branding language that will make you shine from the rest. It’ll also be important for us to look at the brands you don’t want to look like — we’ll take it all into account.

Brand Identity

Our favorite part of it all: let’s make the pretty stuff. This is where the ideas come to life! If you’ve made it to this point or already have the previous steps laid out, check out what our branding package includes:
- One (1) Primary Logo
- Up to three (3) secondary logos
- Lockups of each logo
- Up to eight (8) icons
- Color palette
- Typography
- One (1) business card design
- Up to (8) branding application samples
- Branding guidebook.

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Design Dash


If your branding is already completed and makes you happy, we don’t want to change it! We know that you’re a busy person and could do with some help here and there with daily design needs so you can focus on your bigger goals. Let us help you take away all of those burdens with experienced and swift design support when you need it. That’s it—no strings attached.

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