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Emily Her

Creative Designer & Carrot Cake Advocate

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I celebrate carrot cake. It takes a special kind of imagination to make a vegetable-based pastry popular, and that’s my favorite taste of creativity.

Born and raised on the West Coast in sunny-side-up California, I went to the Midwest to study at the University of Chicago. Both of these environments have exposed me to art in all its forms, but I find myself grounded in the bold and the beautiful. I want to capture the eyes and turn the heads, and leave ideas up for musing over midnight milkshakes and “maybe”s.

I have a fascination for all things advertising, marketing, and design. While I am a creative, I am also very interested in understanding the strategic value-add of what I do. It was a combination of behavioral economics research in college and a background in art that has led me to find myself in marketing design.

I’m in love with what I do, so I create with the most careful observations and thought. I live most comfortably between an illustrator and a designer. Drafts fly from napkin scribbles and pencil jots to clicking laptop keys and a well-worn, well-loved drawing tablet. I add value to my designs by mixing my understanding of artistic elements with evolving trends, folding in layers of target demographic research and a sprinkle of the unexpected. It’s my passion for fascination. Each design is a direct fruition of my imagination, and it would be wonderful for me to share a slice of this pie with you.

Other foods I am an advocate for:

Plain unsweetened yogurt

Chickpea curry

Roasted eggplants

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